Sell Your Business

Whether you're preparing for retirement or just seeking new opportunities, choosing to sell your business is one of the most important decisions you can make.

Setting a fair price, finding qualified buyers, ensuring confidentiality and shepherding the deal to the closing table are just some of the many challenges you’ll face. With an experienced partner like The Marvin Group at your side, you won’t have to face them alone.

Our experience has shown that a successful sale requires three components:

  • An enthusiastic, confident seller who is ready to move forward when the right opportunity presents itself. Smart buyers identify this decisiveness in companies that have taken the time to professionally value and package their business.
  • Access to a deep pool of serious prospects. Leveraging the latest online tools and a nationwide network of affiliate brokers, The Marvin Group exposes its clients to buyers in virtually every industry segment.
  • Confidentiality management. Controlling who knows about your intentions helps maintain employee loyalty and competitive advantage until you are ready to disclose a potential acquisition on your own terms.

Our range of services, tailored specifically to the unique needs of small and medium businesses helps ensure that all three factors are accounted for, thus maximizing the opportunity for a successful sale.


We help determine your business’s fair market value by providing the valuation services required by serious buyers.

Nationwide Buyer Exposure

We get your business in front of as many qualified buyers as possible by harnessing the combined power of the Internet and a nationwide network of business brokers.

Business Packaging

We work with you to produce a professional set of marketing documents that focus on the issues most critical to today’s buyers.

Prospective Buyer Qualification

We guarantee your confidentiality and ensure that all buyers are financially qualified before distributing any sensitive information about your business.

Negotiation and Closing

We help bring deals to a successful, smooth conclusion by assisting in site visits, negotiations and the creation of closing documents.

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